My english friend!

To use this pages:

Most is written in German and English or in an "universal"


(means that there are easy words),

a mix of German/English, may like the Universal Translator.

On the first page I explained



Thank's for visiting this page now.

In the beginning it was only a Star Trek page. But than this

page was exploded...

You can choose a picture at the list of pictures or at the textlist and I will send it directly to you (all around 100 mb per pic). There are some really rare one.

But you can find more on this page! Fall into an adventure and explore this web site!

What can you find here:

Exhibition, gags, gallery, quiz (win some great prices), music, sounds, see my dogs, links to great Trek pages, something about me, many animations, pages of lyrik, cartoons,

surprisings... and many, many more!

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